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When people want to buy a router, then they think about the brand routers and among all brands routers I prefer Netgear and Linksys router. But according to design and performance, you will get the Netgear router is perfect. If you want to setup Wi-Fi, then you need to use a router and if you buy a Netgear router, then you do not face any problem. The Netgear router is available into different prices and based on the performance the price also differs. You need to know the area of your place and know how many devices you want to connect Wi-Fi for buying a router.
Now you need to think about the router configuration. The router configuration is connection the router with computer by cables. In the router box, you will get Ethernet cable and power adapter which you need to use for making connection. In the same router box, you will get router manual and some other papers which you need to read for setup the configuration of the router properly. Even, you need to use all of those information for setup the router configuration and router internal settings. Still, if you face terrible problem or need help, then you can visit Netgear website.
After router configuration the router with the computer, the internal settings are the main thing. Internal settings mean that making connection with the internet in router and enable Wi-Fi. You must need to use some data for login to the router for establishing the connection. You need username, password and IP address. All of those things are primarily set as default. You may find out those thing in the router manual or additional papers or you just flip the router device and you will get those things together. You must not get those things as netgear.
Now use a browser and on the browser address bar, you have to use the default IP address and then press the enter button. If you do not see the login screen, then there may be different mistakes. If you do not use correct IP address, then you must not see the login screen. You can use “ipconfig” command on the command prompt page to know the IP address. You will get Default gateway as IP address. If the IP address is not similar to, then reset the router and try to use the default IP address for login to the router. If you see the login screen now, type the username and password on the form and press the Enter button. Now you must login to the router if everything is ok.
In the router control panel, you can do many things for your router and Wi-Fi. You can setup security for Wi-Fi, setup internet and control all of the devices which are connected with the Wi-Fi. First, you need to setup internet and this is why, you should use the easiest method Wizard tool. The wizard tool lets you set up internet correctly and firstly. You can setup internet manually but it is not a good option for the new users and this process is the consumption of the time. This is why, Wizard tool is recommended for all of the users.
You can search online “ netgear” to know more information about the Netgear router with the IP address. Some Netgear routers use different IP address as default and username and password are also different. However, from the control of the router, you can change default IP address and you will do that only for the IP address confliction problem. But you may change the default username and password for securing the settings of the router.
The default IP address should not be changed unnecessarily. Due to the IP address confliction problem, you have to change the IP address. There is no other way to solve the IP address confliction problem. Due to the problem, you need to change the IP address. Otherwise, you cannot use internet. Wi-Fi features will not work until you change the IP address. When you change IP address, then the network connection will work. You need to know how to change IP address.
The default IP address will be changed from the control of the router. From control panel of the router, you need to find out the default IP address and set a different IP address instead of the IP address You cannot choose any number as an IP address. You have to choose an IP address from to range. Within this IP address range, you can use any IP address. You have to use unique IP addresses in all of the devices. The IP address confliction problem occurs from the multiple networking devices. When all of the devices are connected in the same network and all of those devices use same IP address
The default username and password can be changed from the router control. You need to find out the default username and password “admin” from the router control and change it. After changing the username and password, you should save it. Now when you need to login to the router, then you need to use manual IP address what you have set for the IP address confliction problem on the browser address bar. You need to put manual username and password for login to the router. If you try to use default data, then you will error message.
Netgear router control panel is better and easier to the other manufactures rout6re control. Because you will get all of things in perfect name. So, it is very easy to find out. You will get wireless setting category in the router control. Under this category, you can enable security option. You should choose the best encrypted security like WPA2-PSK (AES) and set a hard passphrasss from 8 characters to 63 characters. Now click on the apply button for keeping all settings perfectly. MAC filtering is another way of securing the Wi-Fi from the router control.
Router manual and all of the router papers contains all of the necessary information. You need to read all of those things. You can visit Netgear router websites to know more information. You can visit YouTube.com site for getting the video instruction. If you find any serious problem in the router, then contact with vendor for fixing the router or changing the device. If you buy a second hand router or used router, then make sure that you have got everything with the device. Before using the device, you should reset the router. Then check the device before buying it.